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By | May 6, 2021

Are Polish youth already living in the virtual world of the internet? The results of the survey” young digital people ” conducted by the Dbam O MoJ [email protected]ęg foundation and the University of Gdańsk in cooperation with LIBRUS and PCG education are a testament to the changes in the way of life of the youngest poles.

The change of preferences regarding spending free time on the internet interested the Ministry of National Education, which on February 10 in the official website of the Republic of Poland – gov.pl -announced its intention to implement the project “playing on the screen”. It aims to raise awareness about the use of digital games by young people. Students from the 4th grade of primary school are invited to participate in the study. The maximum age of the students taking part in the study is 20 years. The survey will last until June 30, 2020. m.in. how often and what games Polish Youth play; what are the benefits and what are the negative consequences of playing digital games; what is the scale of playing digital games and how many young people are planning to link their lives to digital games. The results of this study will certainly be reflected in the development directions of many Polish start-ups. Knowing the preferences of young users of computer games, it is easier to design the development of the Polish digital gaming market.

Internet world

Today the earth is inhabited by 7.75 billion people. The report” WeAreSocial and Hootsuite digital 2020 ” reports that online is already 4.54 billion internet users, or 59 percent. population. The number of users of social media has already exceeded 3.8 billion. By mid-2020, more than half of humanity is expected to use social media.

In North America and in western and northern Europe, more than 90%. people have access to the internet. On average, people in Thailand spend 9 hours and 38 minutes a day online, Americans – 6.5 hours, and poles 6 hours and 2 minutes. The overall average time spent online is 6 hours and 42 minutes.

More than half of the global traffic on the internet is carried out through mobile phones. Facebook is used by nearly 2.2 billion users every day. About 3 billion people watch at least one video on YouTube every month. Usually only “click” links (60 percent).) or we limit ourselves to “likes” (58 percent).). Only 36 percent. people publish news, and 31 percent. comments on current events-read in”WeAreSocial and Hootsuite digital 2020″.

Juniper Reaserch in” Contactless payments market status, Vendor analysis & market forecasts 2020-2024 ” predicts that this year the number of mobile banking users in the world will exceed 2 billion. Report “Mobile Banking and mobile payments in Poland 2019”, which was prepared by Cashless.pl with the substantive support of Neontri, he informed that 12 million people used mobile banking in Poland in the second quarter of 2019. Almost 5 million Poles no longer go to banks, and manage their finances only using mobile banking applications.

Polish youth on the internet

Published in September 2019, the results of the study leave no illusions.

Constantly arriving internet users. The most commonly used are mobile devices-smartphones and tablets. Their number is approaching 24.5 million. Most people in many countries surf on computers and laptops.

Facebook profile has the majority of internet users, and the average number of hits is almost 2.6 billion. Embedded in the realities of the Polish internet, the results of the” young digital ” survey show how young people use the opportunities that a smart phone gives them. One third of polish teenagers feel great satisfaction from using social media. The Polish teenager has from 3 to 4 accounts in social media. The average age at which students received their first smartphone is 10 years. Almost half of pupils aged 12 to 19 have unlimited access to the network.

One teenager in ten declares that he is in a relationship with a person with whom he has contact only through the internet-says the study “young digital”.

The internet is not only a place of entertainment and social contacts. Online economic activity is also popular among young people. According to the union of Polish banks*, nearly half of young Poles have a first bank account before reaching the age of majority, and 43 percent use a mobile banking app. persons aged 15-24 years.

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